Comic books

A library of 12 comic books (one for each month of the year) for younger children has been developed in 7 partner languages –addressing a topic related to circular economy.

TREOR – Waste Management

Comic 1 – January – Waste Management

With the help of my friends Redu, Recy and Reus, we are going to save the planet!

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TREOR – Sustainable Fashion

Comic 2 – February – Sustainable Fashion

I am here again with my friends

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cover-2_TREOR-Warriors for change

TREOR – Reducing Chemical Use

Comic 3 – March – Reducing Chemical Use

Let’s talk about reducing chemical use!

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Comic 4 – April – EARTH DAY

What’s Earth today

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TREOR – Food waste

Comic 5 – May – Food waste

What is food waste?

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TREOR – Problematic Plastic

Comic 6 – June – Problematic Plastic

Let’s talk about problematic plastic

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TREOR – Water Conservation

Comic 7 – July – Water Conservation

See more ideas about Water conservation!

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TREOR – Ocean Pollution

Comic 8 – August – Ocean Pollution

Act and join us to talk about Ocean Pollution!

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TREOR – Transport

Comic 9 – September – Transport

Let’s talk about Transport!

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TREOR – Energy efficiency

Comic 10 – October – Energy efficiency

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TREOR – Climate Change

Comic 11 – November – Climate Change

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TREOR – Reducing Christmas Waste

Comic 12 – December – Reducing Christmas Waste

It´s Christmas!!

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