There are 5 outputs planned as follows:

1: A library of 12 comic books for younger children will be designed and produced in 7 partner languages – one for each month of the year addressing a relevant circular economy topic

2: A Compendium of WebQuest Challenges – each partner will develop one themed WebQuest at introductory, intermediate, advanced and expert levels. A total of 32 WebQuest Challenges will be developed – Led by PANDOKRATOR who will outline the value proposition for the new resources and set the themes for the sets of 4 WebQuest resources being developed by each partner

3: Workshop Lesson Plans, Tip-sheets and Induction Training for parents to build their knowledge and understanding of the circular economy to ensure that they can manage the family learning model
at home

4: In-service Training Programme and Handbook – responding to the specific challenges that the new resources will provide for adult educators and supporting their continuous professional development so they can take full advantage of the new resources provided

5: Online Learning Platform – a bespoke, fully mobile, collaborative online learning environment that supports smartphone and tablet access which, as partner research has confirmed, are the most common technology platforms available to the target group and the most popular media devices providing access to all the proposed resources

As regards the training and learning activities, once the piloting of the education model is completed all products, resources and course-ware produced by the consortium will be available as Open Educational Resources to any interested party who registers with the project website. Registration will be free of charge and is only intended as a mechanism to trace and measure usage and engagement levels. Registration will comply with GDPR.