Piloting with Parents

To engage a group of parents to complete the Family Circle training in Ireland, and to ensure that the family learning resources (Comics and WebQuests) would be used widely in our community, The Rural Hub CLG delivered this training over two sessions with different groups.

The first group of 6 parents completed modules related to ‘Family Impact on the Environment and how to Reduce it – Module 3’, on 16th November 2021. This training was hosted in our community training venue – The Rural Hub – in Virginia, Cavan. This was part of a programme we designed call ‘Eco-Warrior Mums’. This programme targeted mothers in our community
and invited them to learn more about how to become more eco-friendly in how they shop for their family, and care for their children. At this training, as well as covering the Family Circle modules, parents also shared stories of how their parents and grandparents had used re-useable nappies, etc. to reduce waste, and were interested to see these actions come back
into fashion.

The second group of parents completed module related to ‘Living more Sustainably as a Family’ and the testing of the Comics, on 2nd December 2021. This group of parents was engaged through the SunnyHollow Creche, where The Rural Hub completed the piloting of the In-service Training Programme with family educators in November.